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The experience of drugs is central to the book and the shape it takes. The Sailor laughed three times. The strange life and times of Naked Lunch were not over. After two weeks in custody, with the help of bribes paid out of Adding Machine profits, he was released, whereupon he resumed the life of a fugitive addict, first returning to New York, then travelling to Central America in search of hallucinogenic vegetable drugs, before settling in Tangier, Morocco. T he biography of a book is a literary genre awaiting development, and few books have had such an unusual birth and upbringing as William Burroughs's Naked Lunch. I had been occluded from space-time like an eel's ass occludes when he stops eating on the way to Sargasso".

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Scientists work to isolate the "human virus".

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The ugly spirit

When Burroughs left Tangier temporarily inKiki took up with a Cuban singer, who killed him after catching him in bed with a woman. So I said, 'I don't seem to be exactly welcome'. As always, there was a drug habit to attend to. The strange life and times of Naked Lunch were not over. When a patient dies - "all in the day's work" - Benway takes a break, only to discover that "some fucking drug addict has cut my cocaine with Saniflush! He spoke in his dead, junky whisper. Burroughs did not attend the trial, at which Norman Mailer described him as "the only American novelist living today who may conceivably be possessed by genius", a description which does not seem as far fetched now as it did then, taking into account the demonic connotations of possession.

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