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Barry is helping Vanessa to control the plane. She wasn't seen again until she heads home with Ken and their friends. Then, Barry realized that it was the Pollen Jocks helping. Then, she told Barry if he was okay and Barry realized that honey was on sale at the store. When they both went to a store, Vanessa was shocked that the owner tried to kill Barry with a magazine and hit him back.

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My only interest is flowers.

Vanessa Bloome

Barry is helping Vanessa to control the plane. When she left to get something in the kitchen, she heard Ken and their friends were screaming. The last thing Vanessa told Barry is that she needed help to get some flowers for a funeral. Realizing that there's no one who can fly the plane, Vanessa had no choice, but to fly the plane. At first, Vanessa surprised that a bee could really talk to her until they got along since they had something in common: A few minutes later, Vanessa heard the captain when he called her name and went to the pilot station, realizing the captain and the co-pilot passed out.

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